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Desmond Nazareth
Desmond Nazareth
Managing Director
Agave India

Desmond Nazareth is the principal founder and MD of Agave India, a company set up in 2007. Agave India is India’s first and only rurally based ‘greenfield’ small batch ‘field-to-bottle’ and ‘forest-to-bottle’ craft distillery, using Indian know-how and raw materials. Desmond has been instrumental in formulating the 2018 potstill based alcohol-manufacturing standards in India.

Agave India makes international quality Indian agave spirits, Indian sugar cane spirits and mahua spirits, as well as orange and mahua liqueur. Their products are sold under the master brand name, ‘DesmondJi’, or ‘DJ’, and some being exported to the USA and Europe.

Desmond is a successful serial entrepreneur, with international work and travel experience, in a variety of fields. He has been educated in pure and applied sciences, computer science and multimedia (B. Tech., IIT Madras, India; Masters in Computer Science / Film and TV production, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA). He grew up in India, studied and worked for 17 years in the USA, moved back to India in 2000 and is currently based in Goa, India.


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